The Story

magine: You come from a Kingdom, far, far away, to explore new territories for your Empire. The place where you settled down looks beautiful, peaceful, and lonely. However, one day, unknown people attack you: they want your Gold, resources and wives. Hopefully you have some ex-kingdom soldiers to protect your village. The attack was just beaten back. Yet you know who these strange people are: barbarians. And they will come back. From now it is war! You have to build a defence. Towers, walls, barracks, archery facilities are build. Farmers are trained to become soldiers and the little village turns into a fortified town. A second battle takes place and you lose a lot of soldiers. You have to develop urgently better arms, suits of armor and boots. All of your farmers are now soldiers and their wives have to work on the fields, cut wood, collect stone and gold. The war machinery is now activated. You have to defend your village or you are going to die.

Good luck knight and don’t forget: barbarians are able to come from anywhere…

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