Week report n°6

Invasion editor

It has been a long time that no news were published for the project. We had a lot to do at school and we hadn't got much time to spend over the game.

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Week report n°4

Light and shadows part 2

I didn't wrote anything last week because we had holidays!!! It so nice to have a little bit free time :) .

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Week report n°3

Finishing the house and the pine tree, creating a first ground texture.

This week I finished the texture of the house. I had do draw the roof again beacause it wasn't clear that it was made of thatching.

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Week report n°5


The past two weeks nothing really special happened. We have to give to our teacher on Monday a prototype to see if everything in the team works fine and if the project could be realizable. We have aslo to give him our goals.

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Week report n°2

Modelizing part2

This week I realized two things: first of all to make the ground textures alone with a tablet was almost impossible. I tried but yeah, the result wasn't very good...

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