Week report n° 7

Some new big stuff and announcements

Well... Between report 6 and this one you have surely noticed a big gap. Yes I haven't updated the site since a long time because we had lot of work at school and then holidays came and, and....

So I'm here to share with you all the things that happened in this big gap.

First, all the units are modelized. I'm thinking of adding a monk and a church but only if I have the time. The following units are being textured now: a enemy catapult, a field, a enemy archer, a wood storehouse and a poplar tree. I've added little stuff like icons, cursors and right now I'm drawing icons who are going to be placed on the left menu.

My friend worked on a gui and now we have a mainmenu. He has developed an IA, added shaders in the game, here a little picture:

And pictures of some of the new units:

An archery

A blacksmith

A soldier

And a windmill

The next week the game has to be finished because we have to give it to our mentor and he will evaluate it. This mean you will be able to download it soon... ;)

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