Week report n°5


The past two weeks nothing really special happened. We have to give to our teacher on Monday a prototype to see if everything in the team works fine and if the project could be realizable. We have aslo to give him our goals.

I fixed a little bug on the site: the ordering of the articles wasn't good. Everything is all right now.

For the prototype our goal was that the user could select and move an unit and that the program has his first icon. [very basic ! ;) ]


And before I forget here is a screen of a tower that I made during the Christmas holidays (the texture is a beta version because I hadn't the tablet) :


My friend noticed that there was a problem with the normals in every objects: some of the normals pointed in the objects and some out so when he put the objects on the ground some parts were missing. I had to let Blender recalculate all the normals. Fortunaltely it wasn't long...

Maybe a little screen of the prototype wil coming soon...

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